Past Life Regression

Experience past-life regression, in a safe and comfortable setting, to gain insight into the impact of past-life fragments on present-day circumstances, discover your past-life experiences, or uncover what the future holds. Afterward, explore the regression as we work together to process and integrate the information received through the regression experience.

Individual past-life regression and life progression sessions are generally 60 to 90 minutes. Time is allotted to present and discuss the process and to explore the progression experience afterward. Individual regression session investment - $75 

Regressions are performed in person only. NOTE: I schedule several group regression events per year, and post availability for personal regression sessions along with those events. Please check my events page for details and for contact information to schedule a private session regression. I frequently offer individual Past-Life Regression sessions in various areas throughout Minnesota, and when I travel nationally.

Do you have a group of friends who want to experience past-life regression? Call or e-mail me to discuss options for scheduling a private group regression or a block of individual regression sessions!

Group regressions are generally two hours and include time to present introductory information, prior to the regression and exploration of the process following the regression experience. If time allows, more than one past-life regression and/or a life progression will be conducted. Participant number minimum is 4, maximum is 10, depending on your available space. Private group regression investment - $25 per person.

Please note: Scheduled group past-life regression and life progression events are located in my events section. I also conduct shorter (30-45 minute) regressions/life progressions as part of scheduled workshops and other events. All-day events and workshops will include multiple regression sessions throughout our time together, as well as time to explore the process.

Contact me directly via e-mail ( or telephone (317-743-5539) to discuss your request. 

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