Individual Mentoring is a 6-month or a 12-month, one-to-one, inclusive mentoring program developed to identify, define, and address your goals in a strategic and effective manner. From interpersonal effectiveness to life or spiritual matters, no topic is off-limits! Cheaper than therapy and lucky you, I am one! Individual mentoring consists of weekly or bi-weekly support and motivation sessions, to ensure you are supported through the change process and to serve as the guidance and checks-and-balances system that is often helpful as you choose to impact your life differently. The 6-month package includes one VIP in-person retreat day that we plan and develop together. The VIP personal retreat day can be conducted at a distance if travel to my location is not an option. The 12-month mentorship package includes two VIP days with yours truly. The VIP personal retreat day can be conducted at a distance if travel to my location is not an option. Or, can be scheduled in person if I am traveling to your area and we can coordinate schedules.

Individual Mentoring: Scheduled for weekly or bi-monthly sessions lasting 6-months or 12-months. Mentoring is conducted face-to-face (local only), or via telephone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or any combination thereof. Mentees are offered free and/or discounted rates on events held in their area and I will make time to meet with you face-to-face when you scheduled time in advance of the event. Hourly rate of $65.00 per session.

I would be honored to join you on your journey. If you are motivated to move the energy and develop a stronger connection with your soul-self, allow me to help you heal through and learn from your experiences. Let’s get together and create change! Please complete and submit the application form below for consideration and I will contact you to discuss details of the package as it relates to your life needs and goals. Once we determine what you would like to address and our expectations for each other in the change process, we will discuss payment plans and options. When we agree on package details, I will place your time into the schedule for notice of payment pending.