Selflessness Defined

In Live From Love by Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

To be selfless is not merely a state of mind. The desire to give of the self is developed, nurtured, and grows within one’s self. Aligning one’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perspectives, and ultimately actions is a process. It can take weeks, months, or even years to overcome our own issues, fears, and apprehensions before we can approach the true state of actualizing our selfless identity.

How to be Selfless

On your journey to this remarkable way of being, recognition of and insight awareness central to your thoughts and feelings is key. Be gentle, loving, and supportive of your growth. Appreciate and honor the process. Remember, moving the energy of our own human existence is like looking in the proverbial mirror. We only stand in judgment of the soul self.

Have you ever thought about how you choose to show up, how often you give freely of yourself, just because you can? Selfless acts are ones we perform without the expectation of reward, intrinsic or extrinsic. We choose to engage in these acts purely because we can and to be of service to others…without judgment, valuation, or hope of any form of reward.

Intention and Purpose

Often times we find ourselves moving about without much thought about the immediate or long-term effects of our actions. Let alone making time to engage in random acts of kindness, merely because we can. To raise our vibration, and that of the world, the lemming way of existing must change. Intentionally engaging in life, with purpose and positive energy will raise your vibrational alignment with Universal energy.

Move about your day intentionally and with purpose, think positively, act kindly, respond graciously, and be present in each minute moment-by-moment throughout the day. Engage in acts of kindness for others, and expect no reward….verbal or otherwise. Do things for others, because you are able and because, like you….everyone’s Soul is the purest love.

Namaste ~ Soul family