Namaste and welcome Soul family!
Grab a beverage of your choosing and find a comfy place to settle in. Light some candles or incense, grab a blanket, and just ‘be’. Look around the website and don’t hesitate to comment on posts.

Attend a workshop, delve deeper into this thing called life with an individual session or two, a mini-retreat, or mentoring. Browse the many blog topics and find yourself amongst the pages. Better yet, suggest a blog topic within the psychology or metaphysical realm. I tend to blend the two, as that is how the Universe works through me.

If you are so inclined, relax with a good read. I have several books in the works and I invite you to check back for updates and links. I write a variety of genres (i.e., nonfiction self-help; fiction storyline with a poignant message).

A psychologist by education and soul sage by Universal grace…I am a down-to-earth spiritual wanderer who genuinely enjoys learning from others along the journey. The perspective of others, from all levels of being, has always fascinated me.

Thank you for joining in my journey and allowing me the honor of sharing in yours. Check out my podcast and other social media or join my e-mail list to receive updates and the occasional exclusive freebie.

Let’s get to know each other and build our tribe y’all.

We come from love, our purpose is to live it unconditionally. Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

I encourage you to explore posts and blog topics objectively and in a mindful manner. Put the ego-mind in check and detach from the emotional perspective. Leave judgment at the door and let the possibility of what is presented to meld into your energy. Allow things to arise as they will, take notice of the thoughts and feelings, and seek your Soul’s truth on a level deeper than your human existence.

Refrain from assigning value. Endeavor to accept and allow things to be as they are, for exactly what they are and without labeling. Do not identify things as right or wrong, good or bad. All things in life are as they are meant to be or they would be different.

All too often we sit staring at the proverbial closed door, hoping for a different outcome and feeling intense emotions connected to the event(s) we have experienced. Emotions are our internal compass and part of our human condition checks and balances system. The physical self is an energetic being and a highly emotional system.

An essential part of our chemical make-up, emotions are but one component of our survival system and how, for the most part, the human condition has adapted communication and mere existence. We are so much more on an energetic level.

When we choose to leave our emotions in ‘the lake’ and stand on ‘the shore of objectivity’, we ‘see’ things from a different perspective.

On the shore we are better equipped to move from our emotionally irrational, head space, ego-mind, to our heart center. From the vantage point of our heart center we view our surroundings, the moments in which we ‘exist’, and other souls in a significantly different way. Our perspective becomes one of living from love, not in fear.

One of our universal responsibilities is to experience our incarnation as a Soul and to live the love we are, doing so unconditionally. From this perspective, we are better equipped to discover the lessons of each experience held within every moment.

A catalyst for change, I bridge the human condition and spirituality helping others awaken to the possibility of what is and guide the transformation process.

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