The Importance of Living From Love

In Live From Love by Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

Within, and outside of, our physical body in a space void of ego mind and free from the emotional entrapment of our humanness is the space in which we exist in our purest form, energy. It moves uninterrupted, tirelessly and unwavering yet never ceases to exist, it merely changes form.

Frequency is the universal language of energy, and our soul is no exception. The soul is a frequency known and recognized throughout the world, in one form or another: Life-force, Chi, Prana, cosmic energy, essence, anima mundi, logos, and the Divine spark to name a few. Our frequency has resonated infinitely, in all directions simultaneously, throughout eternity across known universes and the countless multiverses yet discovered by our human condition.

As souls, we are aware of our origin, purpose, and reason for ‘beingness.’ The human condition convolutes and skews this innate knowingness of our truest form. In the physical, we must reawaken to our soul self. While some are aware from an early age, more so now than ever before, most are blissfully unaware and disconnected. These are individuals who move about their existence as if life has them rather than the soul actively engaging in a human experience.


For many people in industrialized nations worldwide the focus is on material things and not relating to each other in its truest sense. The striving, achieving, seeking to understand, procuring, and self as primary focus earmarks such individuals as those yet to completely awaken or to come into full awareness of the soul self. All too often in the performance of life, we fail to live. Focused on doing rather than being, creates a hollow existence that disintegrates when all else falls away. Of course, we are required to achieve at least to some degree, to maintain a physical life. The exploitation of resources and others is; however, unnecessary.

The greatest expense of such beingness is failing to recognize each other in our vibrational frequency, love. Often said, if eyes saw souls rather than bodies how very different our world would be. If every physical being awoke to its true nature and lived from a place of love, in all ways, indeed how very different our world would be. Judgment, labeling, shaming, guilt, and fear would have no place. There would be no violence, war, famine, homelessness, stereotypes, socioeconomic status, or class systems. We would not ‘see’ our differences; rather we would resonate our similarities. Individuals would recognize each other’s frequency of love, uniting together for the good of the whole. Physical, intellectual, and emotional differences would not be a source of stigma, and individual strengths would serve to enhance our overall ability to sustain as one. Incarnation would then create an Earth where we exist through recognition of one within the other and of our interconnected oneness performing for the betterment and advancement of all as a unified whole. We would, in fact, exist with the knowingness that harm to one brings harm to all. In this state, Utopia would be possible.

Aligning The Physical Self and the Soul Self

Our physical body is the space occupied by our soul during incarnation. While only a fragment of the soul inhabits the body, this energy fragment is fully capable of all it needs to achieve. However, all too often the human condition and ego mind rule the physical existence. Unaware of and disconnected from the soul within many are ruled by emotion and fear is the predominant emotion within which many exist. Secondary emotions are masked by what has become an over archingly acceptable and desired means of expression.

Love and fear cannot peacefully exist in the same space. The dissonance created by this duality (love/fear) is the source of many negative emotional states and physical ailments, as well as being the underlying catalyst of less desirable personality characteristics.

Thoughts and words create an energetic vibrational frequency. Negative energy resonates at a different frequency than positive energy. Our thoughts and the words we speak create a vibration emitted into the universe. As such when we live from love, the vibration of fear based thinking and behavior is muted. Purposeful focus, genuine intent, and consistency raise our vibration and change our frequency, allowing the ego mind to align with the soul self.

Aligning is not synonymous with awareness, but it is a step toward a more fully integrated collaborative between spirit and physical body. For those whose consciousness also expands, an awakening can occur. Awakening to the reality of one’s self as a soul inhabiting the physical form can be overwhelming at first. It is as if one is going from seeing in only black and white to ultra-high definition color for the first time. Everything begins to appear in more vivid detail. The depth and breadth of our knowingness seem limitless, and a simultaneous sense of excitement yet calm exists. Our perspectives shift and the desire to experience further enlightenment grows exponentially. Awakening to one’s soul brings our purpose into focus, to live from love.

Living From Love In Action

Challenge yourself to develop a non-judgmental perspective from which to view the world. Explore the messages you receive every day from the soul’s perspective, one of love. An objective view often reveals fear as the root undertone of many communications we receive. Words of lack, less than, want, need, fear, power, and control are all messages created by governments and other organizations worldwide. People who allow their vibrational frequency to match the energy emitted by such statements and actions further develop and present these messages, thereby creating a persistent voice of lack, want, and fear. The fear mentality perpetuates a desire to seek, gain, and have control. While control is an illusion, many societies, organizations, and people subscribe to using fear tactics, the greatest of which is a consequence to self in some form, used to coerce, manipulate, and control the human condition. We cannot live from love when we live in fear.

Joining with others who live from love enhances the vibrational frequency of the unified voice of one. The unified voice of one speaks only love and our recognition of self in the other. Living from love, we will create peace.