Happy New Year!

In Standard by Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

When I think of the New Year, I envision the days ahead and the opportunity each presents–the gifts that lay in wait of discovery–each one a mystery presenting infinite moments to be explored. I anticipate each moment and welcome, with gratitude, the lessons held within the experience. 

I also recall nearly five decades of listening to people make resolutions and the subsequent conversations (too numerous to count) that occurred, post-resolution phase. The focus frequently on how well one was performing with regard to said declarations. Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions become a topic of attention days if not weeks before their actual inception. Many of us have been conditioned to save the big reveal–a renewal of investment in the self and others–for this one moment we collectively share, as if within it is held a magical spell to ensure our success. A custom practiced the world over, declaring a New Year’s resolution has gained its own sense of notoriety and celebrity. Although the general intent of such a resolution is a positive change, I find myself questioning the underlying motivation of one’s focus. 

When the subject of New Year’s resolution is broached, I (more often than not) inquire about the individual’s motivation for choosing a specific focus and how it came to ‘be’. An avid student of human behavior, I have an insatiable curiosity to explore beneath the surface; the findings of which never fail to fascinate and spurn further contemplation. Concluding many things throughout the years, I have discovered time and again our very nature of being has many ‘tells’–external manifestations of internal processes that often exist outside one’s conscious awareness.

I believe thoughts and feelings shape our reality. In essence, we write the story. Obviously, there are numerous other factors at work behind the scenes. Ultimately, though, the thoughts and feelings we assign to everyday moments impact how we choose to show up in the world. New Year’s resolutions are an excellent example of self-expression, on a deeply intimate level. The barometer of our internal state of being, its contemplation as a suitable resolution reveals volumes about our inner and subsequently outer perspectives.

Beyond one’s intention and underlying motivation, successful achievement of any goal (formal or informal) requires ‘buy-in’; and, in order to attain buy in the identified area of focus must represent an ascribed level of value and meaning. Profoundly personal, the value and meaning we assign an experience is the fundamental element of beingness. Our internal and external processes rely on objective representations. More than a compilation of life thus far, the terminology we use to define and describe events shape our perspectives, attitudes, and belief systems. A direct manifestation of ‘life’ as we have known it, when combined, everything blends together and determines our way of being–for the self and others. Our responsibility is accuracy and precision with regard to interpretation and perspective taking.  

This new calendar year, while many will focus on factors associated with a perception of the accepted standards of one’s physical presence, I encourage you to explore the depths of your beingness. Consider what it is that gives rise to your conscious awareness and contemplate the purpose of the experiences you are offered. From these, you actualize the self–be impeccable in your pursuit. Seek to discover your truth, the energetic equivalent that resonates with who you innately know the self to be at a depth beneath your physicality. Align with your truth and welcome this perspective like the warm glow of an afternoon sunset’s embrace. Allow love–the voice of your being–to become the dialogue through which you speak the infinite gratitude of your existence. The betterment of all humankind is achieved one person at a time, moment-by-moment.
Love & blessings ~ Dr. Shelley