Photo by Susan Kirsch on Unsplash

Be LOVEstrong

In LOVEstrong by Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

To be LOVEstrong™ is a purposeful and intentional way of being within one’s self and the world. It is the way you perceive, think, and feel, and the subsequent behaviors–the interpersonal actions–in which you engage on the most primal level as a human BEing. It is initially the internal state, and all its beingness, that occurs before external projection and visibility to the world outside the self.

For optimal effectiveness and integration of the whole, you must first engage the self internally and externally in a manner consistent with your soul’s intended purpose, to be LOVE in every thought, feeling, and action.

LOVEstrong™ is your way of existing as a soul, consciously aware of itself through the human form. It is a manner of accessing, managing, and directing the ego and controlled-mind, which gives the soul-self primary access as the guiding source of the human condition and its experiences.

You can learn to integrate the soul-self and promote living from the love of which we all originated. Exploring your core beliefs, world views, and general perspectives (according to a specific series of cognitive approaches) you will learn to challenge beliefs and perspectives, and develop new foundational systems.

How you choose to show up in the world has been shaped by your environment and numerous other factors, since even before your birth. Recognition of the self as a soul, and the acceptance of the limitations of the human condition, is a truly healing experience. Lifetimes of trauma abate, insights develop, core beliefs and values systems shift and restructure, and your way of being within the self and the world around you changes in ways indescribable in the language you use to communicate your most profound of experiences.

It is your Universal right to experience a joyful existence. Only from love can true healing begin, on any level. Being LOVEstrong empowers everyone to be intentionally and purposefully in every moment.

When you live FROM love, not IN fear, you align more closely with the vibrational frequency of your soul and the universe.