Internal Flight

Align Your Energy With The Soul-Self

In Internal Flight by Dr. Shelley Leutschaft

While the soul is selfless, the ego mind is driven for reward. The reward need not be of value to others, only the self. Rewards come in many different forms and are a uniquely individual thing. As with my children, for one snuggle time and individual attention is the reward. For my other child, the rewards are often things that are more tangible.

Soul Self and Ego

When we can transcend the ego mind, we free our energy of the selfishness and entrapment of the human condition. Outside of the human condition, we exist as pure love, the energy of the universe. Becoming more aligned with our spiritual, soul self allows us to be in an energetic vibration more aligned with the Universe and of the pure love from which our soul was made.

Energetic Affinity and Alignment

It is with in this vibration that we become truly selfless beings. When we transcend the human condition and live primarily from our soul self, the Universe can work freely through us. In this vibration we will notice a higher vibration of being. We will also notice more depth to the energies of love and compassion, care and concern, and the overarching feeling of being more one with others that inhabit the Earth. Oneness is energetic alignment with the all that is: Animals, plants, water, ether, the Universe, and yes – other humans. We all begin in different places, some feel more aligned with animals than humans. Just as some feel more connected energetically to the earth, mountains, plants, and bodies of water.

Make time today, and every day, to sit quietly and explore where you are along this journey. Do you feel more comfortable around people? If so, which age ranges are you most comfortable? Are you more comfortable around animals or have you always been drawn to trees, bodies of water, or the mountains? Notice the vibrational matches, similarities, and dissimilarities in the energy around you and how your energy changes in response to what you encounter.


Remember, your soul self is expanding and growing as you connect on a deeper level with the Universe. Be gentle with yourself, remain mindful of the energy that makes you who you are. Accept things as they are, and allow them to be. Refrain from assigning value and judgment. There is no right and wrong, or good and bad. There is just the journey as we all walk each other home.

Namaste ~ Soul Sage Tribe